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  The Chestnut Appeal for Men's Health, Level 6, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, PL6 8DH
On September the 11th, mother and daughter duo Liz and Mary are taking the plunge and attempting to swim 2.5km around St Micheal’s Mount to raise money for The Chestnut Appeal.
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Having bravely decided to swim in The Chestnut Appeal’s most challenging open water fundraiser in 2020, mother and daughter duo Liz and Mary are finally hoping to complete their challenge in September 2021.

Mary lives in Cornwall and, despite a strong aversion to the cold, has been pushing herself to get in the sea regularly since February to prepare for the big swim. With support from her friends, she is currently enjoying exploring new swimming spots and braving refreshing 10 – minute dips in her bikini!

Meanwhile, Liz in Surrey has had to rely on training in a pool. At the start of 2020 Liz undertook a daily training programme, gradually increasing the distance covered and aiming to be ready for the 2020 swim. However, after a few months, when she was still some way short of her 100 length (2.5km) target, Covid intervened. She has recently made a gentle re-start to her training programme, whilst keeping an eye on her long term wrist injury. 

Mary and Liz are nervously looking forward to finally being able to complete their challenge and would appreciate any donation you can make to this worthwhile cause.

Every penny donated goes directly to support the great work of The Chestnut Appeal. Prostate Cancer is killing 1 man every 45 minutes in the UK. The Chestnut appeal funds salaries of Specialist Prostate Cancer Nurses, provides equipment for Prostate Cancer care and funds the latest treatments that may not be available on the NHS. The charity’s mission is also to raise awareness of Prostate, Testicular and Penile Cancer and to encourage Men to talk about their health and seek help when they feel something could be wrong. These cancers are usually treatable when caught early but are often devastating when left.

Thank you for your support, Liz and Mary x

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  1. Barbara Walters

    Sounds like an amazing challenge, and a great cause. Best of luck to you both love from Barbara & Izzy Walters xx
  2. Diana Shaw

    Well done Liz and Mary for taking on this very chilly challenge for such an excellent cause. Good luck with the training and the swim. x
  3. Diana Shaw

    Well done Liz and Mary for taking on this very cold challenge for an excellent cause. Good luck with the training and the swim. x
  4. Maura Savage

    How wonderful to do this with Mary! A great challenge, can’t wait to hear all about it Liz!
  5. Ruth Manson

    Good luck!
  6. Linda Mercer

    I have every faith in you Liz! We (not so) oldies have plenty of adventures left in us yet!
  7. Kevin Newman

    Good luck Liz & Mary. An impressive challange.
  8. Carol Timmins

  9. Mandy Rose

    An amazing challenge for a very worthwhile charity. Good luck to you both! x
  10. Lesley Kershaw

    We are really impressed by the challenge and more to the point - the training schedule! In awe! With love from the Kershaws x

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