Chestnut Urology Investigation Unit.

The Chestnut Urology Investigation Unit is a purpose-built building at Derriford Hospital. Urology is a surgical speciality, vital in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs.

The specialist unit was created partly thanks to funding from The Chestnut Appeal
The equipment and care available there is vital for treating men with Prostate, Testicular or Penile Cancers
It gives gold standard care including often same day results for consultations, scans and biopsies
This purpose-built unit is amazing for anyone who needs to access urology services, in particular men with Prostate, Testicular or Penile Cancers. Early, quicker, faster diagnosis saves lives, and this is just the third unit in the country offering this service.
Lesley-Ann Simpson
The Chestnut Appeal Chief Executive

Your support means the Chestnut Unit offers a remarkable service

Funding from The Chestnut Appeal means the Unit offers:

A facility that realises a vision for excellence

The Urology department diagnoses and treats urological disease, including bladder, kidney, testicular and penile cancer. The new unit is Gold Standard, with capacity for patients to have a scan, biopsy and see a consultant for diagnosis on the same day. There are only two other units in the country with these capabilities.

Urology Consultant and Trustee for The Chestnut Appeal, Paul Hunter-Campbell said: “The vision I had about six years ago was to create a facility that was all integral in terms of the investigation and to a degree, treatment of a lot of the urological conditions that we see. It’s thanks to the Trust, to the Estates Team and to my close team, Anna Wilson and Tracey Whittingham that we will now be able to deliver this service.

“The Chestnut Appeal has helped us to make this a really lovely facility for patients and it’s very fitting that we are also about to celebrate the charities 25th anniversary.”

A fitting legacy

The Unit was officially opened in 2023 by Liz Natale whose late husband, Dr Salvo Natale was a co-founder and trustee of The Chestnut Appeal charity. Dr Natale sadly passed away earlier in 2023, shortly after retiring from UHP where he had worked as a Urologist since 1995. He is remembered by his colleagues as kind, larger than life and someone who brought happiness and laughter to everyone he knew.

Not only will the Unit provide outstanding care for patients, it will also provide an amazing environment for the staff, with wellness in mind, we have created a beautiful workplace that will help both staff and patients.
Tracey Whittingham
Unit Manager