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  1. Ians Fundraising for Chestnut

    Swimming around Islands for a good cause
    £0.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  2. Breakwater Swim

    I’ll be swimming just over 2 miles from Plymouth breakwater to Mountbatten beach in August. as part of the Plymouth Breakwater Swim event. I will be raising money for the Chestnut Appeal which supports men […]
    £0.00 donated of £50.00 goal
  3. Chestnut Appeal for Men’s Health

    I am open water swimming to help the fight against Prostate cancer. Your donations large or small make a difference!
    £40.00 donated of £150.00 goal
  4. Breakwater Swim

    Me and Dad going for it with the Breakwater Swim.
    £30.00 donated of £50.00 goal
  5. Georgia’s Drake’s Island swim

    Drake’s Island swim for the Chestnut Appeal
    £50.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  6. Burgh Island Charity Swim

    A mile swim to raise money to combat prostate cancer
    £0.00 donated of £250.00 goal
  7. 1 mile swim from Cawsand to Kingsand in aid of the Chestnut Appeal

    On Sunday 18th July I’ll be taking part in my first open water distance swim – in aid of the Chestnut Appeal. This charity is at the forefront of prostate cancer care across the south […]
    £0.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  8. Go Northeast to Go Southwest Via East and West

    A team Go Cornwall employees will attempt to Run, Cycle and Swim the total distance between The furthest Operating Company Go Northeast, Hexham and there furthest Depot in the Southwest, Penzance visiting all the companies […]
    £45.00 donated
  9. Carol Smalley’s Swims

    Open water sea swims in Cornwall for the Chestnut Appeal
    £0.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  10. Swim around St Michaels Mount

    I am going to attempt my longest swim around St Michaels Mount on September 11th 2021.
    £0.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  11. At Michaels Mount swim. chestnut appeal

    I am taking part in the St. Michael punt swim to raise money for research into Prostate cancer.
    £0.00 donated of £150.00 goal
  12. THE CHESTNUT APPEAL – St Michael’s Mount Swim – Saturday 11th September 2021

    A 2.5km open water sea swim around the fabulous St. Michael’s Mount, Mounts Bay opposite Marazion, near Penzance, Cornwall. The Chestnut Appeal is a charity who’s mission is to help treat men’s specific cancers in […]
    £0.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  13. St Michael’s Mount Swim

    On 11 September I will be swimming around St Michael’s Mount to raise money for the Chestnut Appeal
    £10.00 donated of £400.00 goal
  14. St Michaels mount swim

    To get round said mount without drowning
    £0.00 donated of £50.00 goal
  15. Kingsand to Cawsand and Back

    Swimming a mile together, the Mermates of Cawsand will. Complete this swim to raise money for those effected by cancer.
    £10.00 donated of £300.00 goal
  16. Sarah’s Swim £50 for 50 Years

    Early morning swim from Firestone Bay to Drakes Island and back!
    £0.00 donated of £50.00 goal
  17. Two Islands Two Swims

    I am swimming both the Looe Island Sea Swim and the iconic Burgh Island Sea Swim raising money for the Chestnut Appeal for mens health.
    £150.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  18. Chestnut Appeal – Cawsand to Kingsand swim

    I’m hoping to swim from Cawsand to Kingsand and back. The distance is 1 mile. This is my first swim event, so wish me luck!
    £0.00 donated of £50.00 goal
  19. Burgh island swim 2021

    Burgh Island Swim 2021
    £110.00 donated of £150.00 goal
  20. Burgh island swim 2021

    Burgh island swim 2021
    £0.00 donated of £50.00 goal
  21. Sarah’s 50th Challenge – Nowt like Peru!

    It’s finally arrived the BIG 50, original challenge was Machu Picchu, this is the alternative. You may have noticed from my fb page my recent dips in the ocean. I’m not an open water swimmer […]
    £0.00 donated of £50.00 goal
  22. Stacey’s Pandemic Swim for The Chestnut Appeal

    Support me (and in turn The Chestnut Appeal) as I learn to swim and train for a 1.5km paddle to Drake’s Island on Sunday 27 June 2021.
    £440.00 donated of £500.00 goal
  23. Summer’s Drake Island Swim for the Chestnut Appeal

    On the 27th June I will be taking a dip in the ocean and swimming around Drakes Island in name of the Chestnut Appeal!
    £230.00 donated of £150.00 goal
  24. Burgh Island Swim For Prostate Cancer

    One Mile Open Water Swim Around The Beautiful Burgh Island, To raise Money For the chestnut appeal for men’s health.
    £0.00 donated
  25. The Chestnut Appeal Cawsand Swim

    On Sunday 18th July I’ll be taking part in this mile long swing, between the villages of Cawsand and Kingsand in Cornwall, to fundraise for The Chestnut Appeal. The Chestnut Appeal is based at Derriford […]
    £0.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  26. Katie’s Drake’s Island Swim

    Come and join me on my swimming adventures where I will be training for my first distance swim and raising money for the Chestnut Appeal. On Sunday 27th June I will be swimming from Firestone […]
    £70.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  27. Chestnut Appeal

    On July 18th 2021 I will be completing a 1 mile sea swim from Cawsand to Kingsands. Please support this great cause by sponsoring me to complete this.
    £305.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  28. Burgh Island Swim For Prostate Cancer 19th September

    On the 19th September 2021 Martin Presley is Swimming One Mile Around The Beautiful Burgh Island In South Devon To Raise Money For Prostate Cancer.
    £480.00 donated
  29. Cawsands swim

    I am taking part in. Sea Swim Cawsands to Kingsands – Rame East Cornwall Raising money for Prostate Cancer for the Chestnut Appeal Please support me
    £0.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  30. Leicestershire half marathon & drakes island swim

    I will be running the Leicestershire half marathon and doing the drakes island swim to raise money for the chestnut appeal.
    £0.00 donated of £50.00 goal
  31. Bullseye Bulley AKA Xanthe Bulley

    Raising money for this great cause….for men’s health through the Chestnut appeal, by swimming from Devils point to Drakes Island on 27th June 2021.
    £0.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  32. Xanthe’s Swim for The Chestnut Appeal

    Raising awareness and funds for The Chestnut Appeal by swimming from Devils Point to Drakes Island on June 27th 2021.
    £0.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  33. Nicole’s swim / cake fundraiser

    I’m needing to fundraise for the Looe Island Swim, so……
    £0.00 donated of £200.00 goal
  34. Charlie Swims for Charity

    Having had a dear relative diagnosed with cancer and working with similar patients in the past, I wanted to put me getting wet, cold and potentially miserable in 2021 to good use – raising money […]
    £45.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  35. Drakes Island Swim

    Swim for Chestnut Appeal
    £10.00 donated of £50.00 goal
  36. Iconic Burgh Island Swim

    £12.00 donated of £100.00 goal
  37. Lesley-Ann’s General Donation Page

    This is a general donation page, if you would like to make a donation to the charity using this page is just one of the many ways you can do it.
    £5.00 donated

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