The Chestnut Appeal proudly announces a landmark initiative in partnership with MTX

In commemoration of its 25th anniversary, The Chestnut Appeal proudly announces a landmark initiative in partnership with MTX, the renowned construction company behind the recently unveiled Chestnut Urological Investigation Unit. To mark this significant milestone, the collaboration will see the establishment of a Chestnut Forest, symbolising a commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and a lasting legacy for future generations.

The endeavour aims to offset the carbon footprint generated during the construction of The state-of-the-art Chestnut Urological Investigation Unit, a vital addition to the healthcare landscape. Through the generous funding provided by MTX, this pioneering project underscores a shared dedication to environmental responsibility and community enhancement.

“While celebrating our 25 years of service, we are honoured to embark on this transformative journey alongside MTX,” remarked Lesley-Ann Simpson, CEO at The Chestnut Appeal. “This initiative not only demonstrates our unwavering commitment to environmental conservation but also signifies a profound dedication to leaving a positive impact on our community.”

The tree planting initiative, was organised in collaboration with Moor Trees, and took place on Sunday, April 14th in Christow, Devon.

“It’s inspiring to witness the synergy between The Chestnut Appeals and MTX as we unite in a shared vision of environmental stewardship,” said Andrew Deardon of MTX. “This initiative not only underscores the importance of corporate social responsibility but also emphasises the power of collective action in effecting positive change.”

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