Thank you Looe Island swimmers

well we really could not have wished for better weather and sea conditions yesterday with the Looe Island swim the sixth and final swim of our summer series.

we started in the last week of June and fifteen weeks later the rescheduled Looe Island swim took place.
and what a great swim it was to.  autumnal sunshine and a very light wind made for perfect conditions.
A big thank you to you all from the Chestnut Appeal for Men’s Health.
the event is very much organised by the Looe Valley Rotary who put a lot of hard work into making the swim happen – logistically it is one of our more complex swims.   so its always great when everything comes together and yesterday it really did click.
and a special thanks to all the team from Coast to Coast safety who did such an excellent job and really engaged with the swim and swimmers.
with two drones up in the air and a photographer on the beach we should get some good photos to share later in the week .
we will put in another order for T shirts at the end of the week so if you would like one then please order one in the next few days
and please do keep up your fantastic fundraising.  Money from the Looe Island swim will go towards running our Holiday Home at Tregoad where patients can have a much needed break whilst dealing with a cancer diagnosis.
Event Sponsors – Tregoad Holiday Park.
The Looe Harbour Master.  Looe Valley Rotary Club. The Boat Owners of Looe, who transport the swimmers to the Island. Cornwall Wildlife Trust, that allow us access on the Island. The RNLI. Coast to Coast Water Safety. The Original Looe Bakery and of course all our swimmers……
Thank you all for such a great swim to round the summer (autumn) off .

The Chestnut Team

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