Thank you to our Vice Chair, Mr Paul Hunter-Campbell

Continuing with Trustees Week, today we say a huge THANK YOU to our Vice Chair of the Board and Trustee, Mr×890-1.jpg Hunter-Campbell×890-1.jpg is an amazing person to have around, his drive, positivity and energy is contagious.×890-1.jpg is a Consultant Urologist at Derriford Hospital, he’s a family man, often his family volunteer at events to help the charity, he’s creative, a dog lover and the front man in his rock band. It was tricky to find a photo of him on his own!
Special appreciation must go to×890-1.jpg for his tireless campaigning.

We might not have the brand new urology unit, currently being built without him keeping Urology high on the agenda at his NHS meetings.

He really is a force to be reckoned with, and we are grateful you help the charity like you do.
Thank you PHC 🤩

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