Thank you Brian

Thank you so much to Brian Cross, he spent his 50th year raising funds for charity, in the end he raised over £5000 and divided it between his favourite charities.

His wonderful donation to the charity, will help us achieve our aims in 2023 and beyond.

  1. To support nurses who are cancer specialists, as well as fund the extra resources needs for the new ‘future proof’ Chestnut unit in Plymouth.
  2. To assist with a new diagnostic hub in Bodmin, making diagnosis faster.
  3. To increase awareness through events and talks, encouraging men to get checked if they feel like something could be wrong.
  4. To fund the latest equipment.
  5. To speak up about prostate, testicular and penile cancers.
  6. To help find the missing men from the pandemic, encouraging prostate cancer testing and hosting screening events ourselves.
  7. To develop and help upgrade provision for men in the SW region.
  8. To fund breaks in Cornwall for men going through treatment.

Thank you so much Brian x

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