Tales from the Doorstep, I’m on active surveillance.

Andy’s Lockdown story

Firstly I would like to say that as I’m on active surveillance my cancer isn’t as bad as some other people. During the virus and lockdown it was just a case of being careful and safe. Because my wife also has cancer she self isolated which means I did the shopping etc, I also found that during lockdown how kind and respectful people were.

I carried on with walking my dog and again I found it to be very safe. I couldn’t work during this period of time but it enabled me to catch up with jobs at home. Something we looked forward to was being out on the street on a Thursday night at 8.00 pm to clap for the fantastic NHS and also other support staff .

I should have had my follow up biopsies taken during March but of course they were cancelled.  This caused me a little bit of worry but I knew that they would be in touch as soon as they could fit me in. So I had the biopsy in early June and I’m pleased to say that my cancer levels were unchanged.

We are still waiting for an appointment for my wife she hasn’t seen her consultant since early February so that is more of a worry. That is my view of the last few months and appreciate that it isn’t the same for everyone.

and as a side note, thank you so much to Andy Williams for raising much needed funds during lock-down for the charity, what a hero you are!

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