St Michaels Mount swim Gulls and Maids

A few years back Jane Wakeford set up the Mad Maids with three of her swimming friends in Polperro.  Jane also lives in Worthing and decided to organise a group there and so was born the ‘Goring Gulls’.  Some of the ‘Gulls’ come down to Polperro with Jane on a regular basis and have formed strong relationships with the swimming Maids.

The two groups were determined to complete the St Michaels Mount distance while down in Cornwall last weekend despite the inclement weather.  Goring Gulls; Jane Wakeford, Pamela Boulton, Shirley Smith, Sharon Rubens and Wendy Hawkins were joined by Mad Maid Susan Pybus from Polperro swimming at Jubilee Pool and a brief dip in the sea at Marazion.

Please follow the link for more information and if you would like to support the wonderful Gulls and Maids…

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