St Mellion’s Men’s Section right on target….

A massive thank you to St Mellion’s Men’s Section, during Alan Donaghy’s presidential year they pulled out all the stops and managed to raise a whopping £5000.00.   To raise this sum of money is incredibly difficult, but to be able to donate such an amount to a much needed local charity, during a pandemic is fantastic, so thank you all.

This donation will go towards refurbishing a quiet room, this type of facility is needed within the department when a patient might need some space and time that is a little quieter than in the main treatment section.   This means a lot to the entire chestnut team, so thank you Alan for choosing the appeal. As you may know, Devon & Cornwall have a unique geography, so our work is often unique in its nature…….so this will help more men than ever before.  We’re here for as long as men and their families need us!

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