sleep prostate cancer

We’ll be sharing hints and tips on how to take good care of yourself during the winter months, today we look at a few tips to help improve your sleep

Hormonal treatments for prostate cancer can lower the levels of testosterone in men.  This can cause hot flushes or anxiety, making sleep difficult. Coping with other symptoms can feel harder if you are not sleeping well.  A cancer diagnosis can cause many different feelings including worry and anxiety.  This is natural and can be hard to cope with. Worry can disrupt your sleep. You may be worrying about the disease, treatment or disruptions to family and work life.

Tips to help with sleep: go to bed and get up the same time each day and reduce naps. do some light exercise each day to tire yourself. make sure the room is not too hot or too cold. relax before bedtime, by taking a bath or listening to music. avoid alcohol for 6 hours before going to bed. don’t go to bed hungry.

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