Perry’s story

In April 2015 Perry visited his Doctor after feeling a bit run down.  His GP gave him a PSA test and when the results came back Perry had a PSA level of 7 which for his age was slightly high. Perry was referred to Derriford Hospital for more tests including a prostate biopsy and MRI Scans.   When these results came back Perry was told he had Prostate Cancer.

Having being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer , Perry then went on to have a series of MRI Scans and was referred to one of the Urology Consultants who gave Perry three options; Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy or a Radical Prostatectomy.  After a great deal of thought, Perry decided to have the operation.  Perry remembers he was operation Number 72 performed with the DA Vinci Robot .  “Operated on Thursday and discharged on the Friday – quite amazing to say I was on the table for at least 7 hours.”  Perry Mason chose to have a radical prostatectomy when he was told he had Prostate Cancer .  The operation that took place in March 2016 went very well and Perry experienced no pain whatsoever and even the catheter bag was not a problem during the following couple of weeks.

Once the catheter bag was removed Perry had further blood tests which showed his PSA level was now down to 0.05.  Perry is still monitored by the team in Urology in case of any rises in the level. Perry has led a very active life.  Having played football at a good level before becoming a qualified referee and it was important to him to maintain his fitness.  As soon as he could Perry got back into the gym and the swimming pool.  “The greatest gift we have is the gift of life. We’re given a body and you can help maintain your body to the best it can be maximized.”

A couple of years ago Perry started selling some of his collection of sporting memorabilia and to date has raised over £750 for the Chestnut Appeal.  This year, Perry is hoping to give more time to raising money for the charity and is planning to help out at some of the upcoming events.

Perry would like to offer his advice if anyone wishes to talk about Prostate Cancer over a pint and a pasty or tea and cake.

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