New equipment for North Devon

We are delighted to announce that we’ve been able to fund new surgical equipment for the prostate cancer, urology team at The North Devon District Hospital.  The department approached us for funding as they needed a specialist trolley for the prostate biopsy procedure but it would cost £10,000 and they didn’t have the funds for it.

The reason being, you might well know that a prostate biopsy is typically preformed transrectally, but now they can carry out the recommended gold standard biopsy via the perineum.  It’s important to not that in the context of today’s increasing multi-drug resistance of rectal flora, the transperineal approach is being used more often due to its lack of septic complications.

The patient can now be as comfortable as possible with their specialist trolley & accessory pack.

It’s projects and progress like this that you fund by helping us, so thank you.

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