Nicole’s swim / cake fundraiser

I’m needing to fundraise for the Looe Island Swim, so……

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Anyone who knows me knows I feel very guilty asking people to sponsor me to do things I’m doing for fun.

Charities are really struggling this year, with fundraising (events) cut and so many extra people needing all types of support. I’ve paid my entry fee, which covers the logistics, but the Chestnut Appeal, who organise this swim is asking us to raise a minimum of £50 to make it worthwhile them organising the swim.

So I’m going to ask everyone I share (post-swim) cake with to donate 50p or £1 when I feed you cake (if you can), that way I at least feel I’m giving you something for your donation, rather than just asking you for money.  I’ll make cake anyway, and hand it out regardless, but if you think it’s good cake and want to support me, that would be fab.  Hopefully the cakes and pennies will add up.  I’ll get baking!

  1. Jennifer Lockyer

  2. Robert Cane

  3. Leigh Hyde

  4. Kira Teckenbrock

  5. Paul Nash

  6. Anonymous

  7. Dave Budd


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