10 reasons why you should support us.

Sometimes, throughout the noise of day to day life, the main message can get drowned out, or pushed to the back of our minds, however, it’s vital to know where your fundraising, donations or legacy you leave, will go. Here are 10 reasons why your support matters more than you think, at The Chestnut Appeal for Men’s Health.

I bet you didn’t know half of what we do in the region?

  1. To support clinical nurses who are cancer specialists.
  2. To fund the extra resources needs for the new ‘future proof’ Chestnut unit.
  3. To assist with a new diagnostic hub in Bodmin, making diagnosis faster.
  4. To increase awareness through events and talks, encouraging men to get checked if they feel like something could be wrong.
  5. To fund the latest equipment.
  6. To speak up about prostate, testicular and penile cancers.
  7. To train psychosexual counsellors, for post-surgery support when needed.
  8. To develop and help upgrade provision for men in the SW region.
  9. To fund breaks in our holiday home for men going through treatment.
  10. To help fund a Chestnut Continence Nurse.


So that’s just 10 reasons why helping us, can really help men and their families in the area, who are facing prostate, testicular or penile cancer.

You do make a difference, so thank you, thank you for supporting us, sharing our posts, volunteering and donating.

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