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Can you help us make this happen?

2nd January 2018

The Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer & The Torbay Prostate Support Association are launching a joint campaign to purchase a state of the art device called an Ultrasound MRI-Fusion Scanner for the Torbay area and they need your help to do it! The Ultrasound-MRi Fusion for Targeted Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer is the most up-to-date diagnostic technology in the country and has just recently been installed in Plymouth thanks to local fundraising efforts. The team are now keen to raise enough funds to do the same for the Torbay area.

Lesley-Ann Simpson, Director of the Chestnut Appeal, says: “What I think is great about The Chestnut Appeal is that our donors will be able to see what their fundraising efforts can do. YOU can really make a difference! She went on to say: “This joint fundraising campaign with The Torbay Prostate Support Association and with the dedication of The Prostate Cancer Team at Torbay Hospital means we can provide this service sooner rather than later. At a cost of £105,000 Ultrasound-MRi Fusion really is state of the art and to achieve our target we really need the help of the people of Torbay."

Can you help us make this happen?


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