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The Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer was founded in 1999 at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. Since then it has gone on to be at the forefront of prostate cancer care right across the region.

We support the very latest in treatments and technology that wouldn't be available without community fundraising and we rely on donations from the public.

Men’s Health suffers from an imbalance and it’s our mission to highlight this most common cancer in men. We want to get more men talking about their health and taking action when they feel like something could be wrong. As you may know we have already funded six prostate cancer nurses across Devon and Cornwall as well as some of the very latest treatments available and are delighted to continue working in such a way with our local Hospitals and look forward to many more years of positive partnership.

We have recently shown our support in bringing robotic prostate surgery to the region by donating £125,000 towards a

Da Vinci Robot at The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital as well as providing exactly the same for the urology team at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

The Chestnut Appeals latest campaign is to bring a new way of scanning to the area to make diagnosis of prostate cancer quicker and easier. This state of the art technology is called Ultrasound-MRi Fusion and we need YOUR help in raising the money to buy it. These machines currently cost £105,000 each and we want to provide them for all the major hospitals in the region.

Spreading awareness is at the heart of everything we do. More than 47,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in the UK every year and yet less than 30% of men know where their prostate gland is or what it does, so a lot of work is still needed.

The success of the Chestnut Appeal is a testament to what can be achieved if we work together as a community. Over the coming years we aim to improve these vital services and do much more in the area, helping reach more of the community.

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“The success of the Chestnut Appeal is a testament to what can be achieved if we work together as a community.”


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